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Striving to create a healthy sustainable product for ourselves and the community we live in. While taking care of the Earth- Leaving it in better shape for our children.


My spouse and I met in college while we were both pursuing a career in the hospitality industry. Each of us have Associate Degrees in the Culinary Arts. My spouse has a Bachelor's Degree in Food Service Management, and I have a Bachelor's Degree in Culinary Nutrition. 

Working in the food service industry for more than 2 decades has taught me that something is wrong with our food system in America. It is a broken system that relies on government subsidies and mass production of product to create an image of "cheap" meat and vegetables. While relying on tax payers, and unsustainable farming practices, also known as CAFO's and Mono-culture farms.

As a chef, working in kitchens for 15 years, my hands were tied, I could purchase food from 3 or 4 different purveyors if I was lucky. The quality was always the same from the big food suppliers, and it always made me think about what one of my mentors said in culinary school "Garbage in, garbage out!." This statement has stuck with me. 

I have always had an interest in Nutrition, eating right, exercising and staying fit. Which is why I pursued a Nutrition degree. I always felt like something was missing. Having worked with food for so many years and training as an apprentice under a French Chef in Germany my eyes were opened to what food in America could really be. 

This is why I raise animals the way I do. It goes back to that old saying "If you want something done right you have to do it yourself." 

Here at 8000 Eggs Farm we strive to do just that. I source local NON-GMO grain, mountain grown hay, and non sprayed Alfalfa. While practicing intensive rotational graizing in the spring summer and fall. 

We all need our salad bar, us and them: the pigs, the sheep, the goats, the chickens, and even the dogs and cats. 

I would put my product up against any one else in Colorado and I am confident that I would come out on top. I am not saying this to stroke my ego, I am saying this because I take all the necessary steps to make my product the best it can be for your palette and for your health. I feed for flavor, and allow the animals to grow at the pace they need to, so when you bite into the meat you have a complexity of taste exciting your palette, and expressions of flavor through out the meat. 

The expert craft beer brewers will layer flavors in their beer. I layer flavors in my meat, by feeding the appropriate amount of grains, pasture, pumpkins, corn, hay, raw goats milk, and alfalfa. 

Because my spouse and I have worked in the hospitality industry for most of our working career we do everything it takes to keep our clients happy and get them exactly what they want. We treat our clients like our guest. If you take care of your guest, they take care of you.

This is why 8000 Eggs Farm is the best place in Colorado to source your meat. 

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