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What is a goat share?

It is partial ownership of a dairy goat.  Owning a dairy goat, or portion of a dairy goat, allows you to benefit from what that animal produces.  In Colorado you can drink raw milk from a goat that you own.  By owning a share in a goat, you have a fresh supply of your own goats’ milk to drink and you are allotted a weekly share of fresh, raw (unpasteurized) milk ready for pickup.

How does a goat share work?

You, and others along with you, own shares in a goat. You benefit from owning the goat by receiving a portion of the milk the goat produces.  As with any animal, goats require care, i.e., feeding, general maintenance and milking. 8,000 Eggs Farm boards your goat, care for it, milk it, and prepare the milk for you to pickup from the farm.  You pay the herdsman for the boarding, care, feeding, and milking of your goat. There is a one time herd buy in fee of $35.00 due upon contract signing.

How much does it cost?

First You Purchase A Share:

$85 for a FULL share

$55 for a HALF share

What do I get for my share?

A full share entitles you to a gallon of milk each week where as a half share entitles you to 1/2 gallon a week.

What happens if I go on vacation or business travel and don’t pick up milk?  Am I still responsible for the boarding fee?

The monthly boarding fee is due whether you pick up your milk, or not, on any given week during the month. I still have to feed, milk, and care for your goat whether you pick up or not. Milk that is not picked up within 24 hours of your designated pick up day will be discarded.

For more information:

Contact: (720) 537-6191

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