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Pork Box of Mixed Cuts

25-30 pounds each

To the left is an example of one of our 25 lb. pork boxes. The pork boxes are a great way to try out a selection of pork that you would normally get from a whole or half pig with out having to commit to a large order.


The cuts in a pork box vary but generally include: Pork Chops, Cured / sliced Bacon, Sausage, Uncured (fresh) Ham, Uncured (fresh) Shoulder, Short Ribs, and Country Ribs. 


The pork box is perfect for customers in an apartment, or with limited freezer space.

Cost ot a pork  box is $10.99 / lb. and includes pig  harvest, cutting, curing, flash freezing, USDA inspection and cryo-vac packaging. 

Pork Fresh Ham.jpg
Bacon IV.jpg

Ground Pork*

$10.00 lb

Pork Bacon-cured and sliced*

$16.00 lb

Pork Loin Chop III.jpg

Fresh Ham*

$10.99 lb

Pork Rack O Ribs.jpg
Pork Tomahawk Chops III.jpg

Pork Chop bone-in*

$12.00 lb

Rack of Ribs Ribs*


Pork Tomahawk Chops

Two Bone $14.00 lb.

*all cuts are subject to availability 

Whole Pig


If you are looking for the best deal and have a freezer that needs to be filled with delicious mountain grown pork go with a whole or half pig. All prices for whole and half pigs are based on hanging weight. Generally speaking we grow our pigs out to a live weight of 300 pounds (+/-). A 300 pound pig will have a hanging weight of approximately 150 to 180 pounds. We charge $4.65/ lb. for a whole pig and $5.80/lb. for a half pig plus processing. 

Processing fees are also based on hang weight and average $1.50/lb. (+/-) Fees vary depending on how many pounds of ham and bacon you have cured, as well as the amount of sausage you have ground. 

A whole pig will consist of exactly that, the whole pig. It can be cut to your specification and I will assist you if needed when filling out the cut sheet. Standard cuts in a whole pig are ham, shoulder, pork chops, bacon (side), jowl, spare ribs, coutry ribs, sausage, ham hoch, neck bones, and oddments, if desired. A whole pig generally works out to be about 140#  to 150# of cuts (some of them bone in), and will easily occupy approximately 5 cubic feet of space which is equal to a 150 qt. cooler, or twice the size of a standard above fridge freezer. 


You can reserve a whole or half pig with a deposit. $300.00 for the whole and $150.00 for the half. The deposit will be credited toward the final cost of the pig, and I will generate a google doc contract for your receipt.

All of the pigs we raise are born on the farm and live their entire lives under our care. This is to ensure superior quality with a premium finish. If you are looking for the best tasting mountain grown pork look no further. 

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