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Whole Lamb

lamb cuts.jpg

Our sheep are raised on pasture during gazing season. Using intensive rotational grazing practice. we feed non sprayed mountain hay and alfalfa in the winter time. 

All of our lambs are raised "organic" but not certified organic. The cost for a whole lamb is based on the hanging weight, our Icelandic lambs average hang weight is between 40 to 50 pounds (+/-). We charge $8.00 a pound for a whole lamb plus processing. Processing fees for a lamb average $130 (+/-)per animal. 

In addition to Icelandic sheep we are also growing 3 Katahdin lambs this season. Katahdin lamb is delicious in flavor. This breed of lamb tends to have a higher weight gain than the Icelandic breed. Price for the Katahdin Lambs are the same as the Icelandic Lambs.

Retail Lamb

Whole Lamb: $8 / lb. plus $130 processing based on hanging weight $450.00 (+/-)

Bone in Rack of Lamb $20.00 / lb. 

T-Bone Chops $ 16.00 / lb.  SOLD OUT

Leg O Lamb $ 14.00 / lb.

Lamb Ribs $ 12.00 / lb.

Ground Lamb $ 11.00 / lb. 

Shank $ 10.00 / lb.  SOLD OUT


Example of a Whole Lamb

whole lamb no t bones.jpg

Leg O' Lamb

Lamb Rack of Ribs

Lamb Rack O Rib.jpg

Shoulder Roast

Leg O Lamb.jpg
Lamb Shoulder Roast.jpg
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